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Telco Sensors is a Danish designer, developer and manufacturer of a wide selection of photoelectric sensors, photoelectric amplifiers, light curtains and optical fork sensors. Telco was established in 1975 and have continued with growing success ever since. Telco distributes its products worldwide via its strong network of dedicated Telco Teams and Telco-owned subsidiaries spanning the entire globe. Telco's many years of experience and know-how allows them to specialise in providing customised and tailor-made optical sensing solutions for Customers whose needs exceed the ordinary, in the most demanding applications. Telco's markets spans across an endless range of industries and market sectors worldwide.

Telco Photoelectric Sensors Telco Remote Photoelectric Sensors Telco Optical Fork Sensors Telco Power Supply Units Telco Light Curtains

 Available in: AL, AR, AZ, N.W. FL, ID, KS, LA, W. MO, MS, MT, NM, NV, OK, TX and UT

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